Photo of the author in a seated front split position. They are not flat to the floor and have two purple yoga blocks supporting the back of their front thigh. They are leant forward to touch their toes and are twisting to smile at the camera.
Progress picture from my flexibility class © Kim Barrett

It wasn’t my intention to spend the pandemic trying to achieve something but, since the start of lockdown in March 2020, I’ve been working towards three of my life-long goals: writing a novel, doing the splits and becoming a surrogate. And they’re similar in a way I didn’t expect.


Graphic of two people kissing while wearing surgical masks
Image by Ritwik P from Pixabay

I’m very risk-averse, including when it comes to catching COVID-19. My nesting partner (NP) wants to stop socially distancing with his other partners. How did we manage to negotiate an agreement that both of us are happy with?

It’s been difficult to be polyamorous over the last year and a…


Stylised graphic of a hand marking a cross over a date on a calendar
Image from PxHere

The middle of a pandemic seems like a strange time to start any activity that involves meeting people, so why did I choose March 2020 as the time to join Surrogacy UK?

When I first started seriously researching surrogacy, I was using the implant as my contraception, which lasts for…

A man and a woman look at each other in front of a large body of water
Image from Piqsels

During my life, I’ve broken up with three people. Those three relationships were all very different and each ended very differently. Through experiencing the transition of these relationships from romantic to platonic (or not), I’ve learnt a lot about friendship.

The first relationship I ended was with my first boyfriend…

Kim Barrett

Freelancer writer and software developer based in Oxford, UK. https://kbarrett.github.io/

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